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Email Protect

Complete Email Protection

Safety First

Cyber incidents are the most feared IT disasters in the business world. The costs of such an attack on a business span from an inconvenience to loss of business, home, family, and sometimes even life. More than likely, it all started with an email.
Just like any other business owner, you want to cover your back. You don’t drive your car without breaks, seat belts, or insurance, or run your business without protecting your data. Email disasters cover a wide range of incidents, including the loss of emails, computer crashes, unusual email usage, and cyber-attacks.

Most cyber attacks start with an email

With prices going crazy just about everywhere, criminality will increase. Cyber criminality is by no means an exception. To protect their standard of living, many will try the easy way out and hire high-end criminal services from the dark web to attack businesses.

Email Security, Backup and Archive

Cloud Backup solutions are an invaluable tool when it comes to protecting your business’ data. Not only do they protect your data from serious threats such as Cyber attacks and physical loss, they also make your files easily retrievable should you simply misplace them or delete something by accident.

The solution

Orange Penguin’s Complete Email Protection package, not only protects against cyber criminals but also leaves you with a self-managed email recovery system as well as an archive where no emails or attachments can disappear.

Email Security

Superior defense against phishing and other malware in emails, acting BEFORE they land in your inbox.


  • Protects Business Reputation
  • Increases Productivity
  • Protects against Phishing
  • Real-time Threat Protection
  • Protect against Zero Day Threats, Ransomware and Other Threats
  • Identifies and Protects against Spam

Email Backup

Email backup processes and stores emails in a safe, centralised location.


  • Daily Cloud to Cloud Backup
  • Easy Search and Recover Emails with attachments
  • Recover the entire Email Box
  • Compatible with most Email Systems
  • Inbox, Outbox, Deleted, Drafts, Calendar and more

Email Archive

Allows you to keep a record of everything sent and received, providing a copy of all messages and attachments.


  • Managed Service
  • Backup before it goes to Inbox
  • No In or Out Emails will be Deleted
  • Streaming, Real-Time Backup
  • Recover All or Single Emails

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