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Cyber Security

Advanced protection against cybercriminals targeting your system

From food crisis to cyber security

Global reports predict a significant increase in famine and living costs in 2022 following the pandemic and the start of the war in Ukraine.

With sharply decreasing options to earn a living in decent and honourable ways that pay the bills, more and more people will look for chances to protect their living standards by less legal means. Many of which already have computers and internet connections.

Simple, common sense can predict the cybercriminal society to surge. This surge can be considered a new and severe threat directed toward small businesses.


Expect the unexpected

You have heard about many cyberattacks and the devastation it causes elsewhere but may have been spared your own havoc so far. Perhaps you don’t even expect much of a change, and somehow cybercriminal activity excludes you because you or your business are not multi-millionaires in any shape or form.

What if an unprecedented wave of hairy cyber monsters is coming out of this crisis?

Established cybercriminals are already busy with what they are doing today. Of course, some less ambiguous individuals targeting small businesses like yours. But more or less the entire famine driven wave of new exploiters doesn’t have the experience or means to tackle complex targets. It is more likely that businesses like yours will end up on their dinner table.

An epic moment

Small businesses are easy targets. They often have minimal security, like standard email and malware protection, maybe with a single added reputable Antivirus software. Now is the time when the lightbulb moment needs to kick in. If they are coming for you, you really want to be well prepared. You don’t have to be a clever IT cookie to be prepared, you can simply use our services.

Outsmart the bad guys

If anyone tells you they have impenetrable threat protection, they will either lie or disconnect you from the internet. Even with the latter, you are not 100% bulletproof. When we choose a system to protect our customers, it is done based on decades of experience and with small businesses that need affordable solutions in mind.

The Advanced Threat Protection of our choice makes Antivirus look like a baby concept. It really is a King of the Road in armour against cybercriminals targeting your system. It is an active, rapid threat hunter with layer upon layer of mechanisms using methods like machine learning, artificial intelligence, pre-infection ransomware rollback functions and so much more to put a solid wall between you and them.

The benefits of our Cyber Security Solution

In technical terms, not that we expect you to understand much of it, this is what our choice of protection will provide you

Get high efficacy, actionable threat detection without the noise
Rapidly uncover and contain advanced threats to reduce incident dwell time and time to resolution
Get a complete understanding of the root cause to close existing gaps
Empower and uplevel the security team with an easy-to-use, intuitive product
Reduce SOC burden by automating manual tasks with automated correlation and one-click remediation
Single cloud-delivered platform with true multi-tenant capabilities to address the needs of global enterprises and MSSPs
Best-in-industry coverage across Linux, macOS, Windows
Affordable EDR data retention of 365 days+ for complete historical analysis

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