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Disaster Recovery

Security planning that deals with protecting an organisation from the effects of disasters and significant negative events.

Disaster Recovery

Include Disaster Recovery in your Business Continuity plan

Planning for Business Continuity in your organisation has many benefits. Your data, hardware, software and people will all be better safeguarded should a disaster occur. In addition, employees will be informed and rehearsed on what they should do to start the recovery process and ensure business continues if disaster strikes.

Without this type of preparation any unexpected event can severely disrupt the operation, continuity and effectiveness of your business. Disabling events come in all varieties, from common calamities like hard drive corruption, building fires or flooding to the more severe and often longer-lasting disruptions that can occur on a city-wide or even national basis. Events such as oil crises, public transport shut-downs, strikes, terrorist attacks or loss of staff due to a pandemic illness can all strike a blow at an organisation’s ability to continue functioning and earning.

For smaller companies the impact of these and even of smaller disasters can hit much harder. For example, the unexpected unavailability of key workers could be catastrophic, potentially causing as much disruption to business continuity as technological problems, especially if it occurs at the height of the company’s busy season. If only one person is trained to do particular and/or essential tasks, their unexpected absence can severely disrupt productivity.

Don’t leave it until disaster has struck to prepare

Business Continuity planning is an essential part of running any modern organisation that takes its business and clients seriously. With so many potential business disasters threatening an organisation at any time, it is wise to prepare for, and try to prevent, the devastating impact of such catastrophes.

Let us help you protect your IT hardware, software and data from potential threats so that your business could continue without a hiccup if the worst happened. You can relax, knowing at least one part of your. 

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Disaster Recovery

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